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A Taste of Culture

Presenting Austria's Wine Country
Small is beautiful – that is what best describes Austrian wine, when put into an international perspective. Read more

Climate & Soil

These are the key elements of a wine-growing area.
The soils shape the wines, and plays a role in its character and quality. Two extremes of soils are found, the light, and aerated to the deep-set and dense soil.  Read more

Grape varieties

White & Red
There are 36 classified quality wine-making varieties in Austria. This rule applies to the field blends (Gemischte Satz) as well as to blended wines. Read more


Wine-growing regions and their features
The Federal states of Niederösterreich, Burgenland  and the Steiermark are legally defined wine-growing regions.  Read more

Wine Law

Quality Wines & CO
The majority of Austrian dry wine wines are either classic, medium-bodied versions (DAC, Federspiel) or the full-bodied wine category.  Read more

Austrian Sekt

The Austrian Sekt Committee
“Austrian wine” is defined as a wine made in Austria from grapes grown in Austria. This applies also to Austrian sparkling wine. Read more


The origin typical Qualitätsweine quality wines
Wines that are named and defined according to their origin, and the taste is unmistakably typical for an Austrian wine-growing region. Read more


The Austrians love the outdoors
... and accordingly, they treat nature with respect. It is therefore no surprise to learn that Austria is in pole position for organic cultivation. Read more

Wine & Food

Great by themselves, perfect with food
The diversity of the Austrian landscape is reflected in the wide styles of wines, with balanced fruit acidity and expressive aromas. Read more