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This is probably not as appealing as a tasty glass of wine, yet reading about wine can be stimulating, and in any case educational. From the vast plethora of wine literature, we present new and significant publications, along with recommended classics.

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The Ultimate Wine Guide Austria 2014

The Ultimate Wine Guide Austria 2014 provides lovers of Austrian Wine with information about 182 Austrian wineries particularly active on the international market – all of them reviewed and rated. Tasting notes are complete with scores and serve as purchasing guidelines. In addition international distribution partners for each winery are listed.

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The Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide 2014 can be ordered online easily via the editorial house Falstaff.

ISBN: 978-3-902660-33-6

Available online at: Falstaff

Price: € 19,90

Dieses Bild zeigt das Buch Wein | Wine Genesis
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Wein | Wine: Genesis

WINE GENESIS takes up where the wine book VINARIA left off. VINARIA has long been out of print and for this reason significant parts of the original book have been reproduced. 

In this book, wine lovers will discover fresh features, like the descriptions of the work in the vineyard and the complete process of winemaking from month to month as the year unfolds. And one of its most important features is the "ampelography" - the study of grape varieties.

Willi Klinger, Managing Director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board: "No one has ever produced such a fine photographic record of the genesis of wine from the vine to the glass as the Austrian Peter Oberleithner... Nor has the work of the grower ever been so completely and accurately observed as in this book."

ISBN 978-3-200-01538-8

Available via Kulinarium Verlag, Leo Heinz

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This picture shows the book The Wines of Austria by Philipp Blom
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Philipp Blom: The Wines of Austria

Fully revised and updated in its second edition, this is the definitive English reference to Austrian wines and winemaking. Over the last decade, the innovative and quality-driven approach to winemaking has transformed Austria into one of the world's most exciting places for individual styles. Philipp Blom unlocks the culture and history of Austria's wine-growing regions and details wine laws, grape varieties, and winemaking styles, as well as the top producers and their wines.

ISBN 1 84533 132 X

Available via Mitchell Beazley.

Price: UK £20.00, US $29.95, CAN $38.95