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November 27, 1997

Vintage 1997

Austria's vintners are pleased with a magnificent, high-quality vintage. At the harvest, the grapes were of an excellent quality, in respect of both maturity and health. read more

October 11, 1997

Grape Juice - a Nutrient Now Being Harvested

The season invites one, at least occasionally, to take, according to temperament, short or lengthier walks through the vineyards. Despite temperatures, which are no longer so high, nobody needs to be afraid of catching a cold:... read more

August 3, 1997

A Shower of Medals for Austrian Wine

There were numerous awards and highest ratings for Austrian wines given in London, Brussels, Bordeaux and Hamburg. read more

June 3, 1997

SALON - Austrian Wine

For the celebration of ten years of SALON - Austrian Wine, the Vienna Town Hall gladly opened its doors. 200 Austrian wines were presented which, after rigorous selection, can now be considered perfect examples of indigenous... read more

June 1, 1997

Rendezvous of refined noses

The final qualification of Salon Österreichicher Wein 1997/98 (200 top wines and 10 new wine and marc distillations) lasted three days (from the 26th - 28th May). read more

April 22, 1997

"1997 Asparagus Wine" Presentation

On the occasion of the festive opening of the asparagus season at the Hotel am Sachsengang on April 24, 1997, the AWM, under the patronage of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, will bestow the "Prädikat Asparagus Wine Award" upon 33... read more

April 12, 1997

Vinitaly/Verona 97 - Review

On the occasion of Vinitaly/Verona from April 4 to 8, Austrian wine was, as in 1995, greatly honored. In the "Concorso Enologico" two of the nine major prizes ("Gran Medaglia d'Oro") went to Austrian vintners. read more

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