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[Translate to English:] Cover "New Western Cuisine"

November 1, 2012

CN, Magazin New Western Cuisine, Ascending in Austria, Scott Shi

This article describes Austria and its wines. read more

[Translate to English:] Cover "Hospitality Asia"

November 1, 2012

MY, Magazin Hospitality Asia, The State of Austria, David Bowden

This article is about the wine country Austria. read more

Articlel "Der Standard"

October 26, 2012

AT, Der Standard, Land der Winzer, Land der Ärzte, Conrad Seidl

This article notes on which occupations the austrians are particularly proud of. The Austrian wine growers are top of the list. read more

[Translate to English:] Cover "Beverage Testing Institute"

October 24, 2012

USA, Magazin Beverage Testing Institute, The 2012 BTI Austrian Wine Review, Bob Bansberg

"This article hightlights the results of the Austrian Tasting of the Beverage Testing Institute of Chicago". read more

[Translate to English:] Cover "Wine Luxe"

October 1, 2012

HK, Magazin Wine Luxe, Elegant Wine from Austria, Harrison So

This article describes a tasting of Austrian wines. read more

[Translate to English:] Magazin "Vinbladet"

October 1, 2012

DK, Magazin Vinbladet, "Et kvart århundrede med Vinea Wachau", Thomas Ilkjaer

"This article deals with the 25th anniversary of Vinea Wachau" read more

[Translate to English:] Cover "Taste"

September 29, 2012

RU, Magazin Taste, Wien, Julia Melnik

The article describes Vienna as a wine city. read more

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