Austrian Wine (Docu) 2011

Austrian Wine Documentation (Docu Wine) – containing all the facts and figures relating to the Austrian wine industry

Wine represents a significant share of the Austrian economy. Information regarding the production of wine is a requirement for a wide range of professions, for example, in the grocery and drinks trade, for the media and for producers themselves, as well as for training purposes and higher education, and details about the wine industry are also interesting for the private wine enthusiast.

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board has the task of compiling all the available facts and data   related to the Austrian wine industry, and publishing these for users both at home and abroad, on a regular and up to date basis. Based on the latest survey of vineyards in 2010, we are now able to offer current and comprehensive figures. As the last vineyard survey was conducted in 1999, there have obviously been a great deal of changes in the structure of the wine industry, and we have witnessed a drastic reduction in the number of wine producers, and the average vineyard area per existing winery has increased. Likewise, the grants provided for  restructuring vineyards have resulted in an alteration in the range of planted varieties, most notable with the increase of red wine grapes, accounting now to a third of all cultivated vines. Despite consistent and accurate analysis, they may still be some minor discrepancies with the figures available, as in the sources often differ.


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Documentation Austrian Wine November 2011 Edition

Documentation Part 1

1  Structure Wine Country Austria

1.1  Austria's Wine-Growing Regions and Wine-Growing Areas

1.2  Structure of Wineries

1.3  Share of vineyard area sorted by grape varieties and wine-growing areas

1.3.1 Total share of area sorted by grape varieties in Austria

1.3.2 Share of area sorted by grape varieties in the course of time

1.3.3 Wine-growing region Lower Austria

1.3.4 Wine-growing region Burgenland

1.3.5 Wine-growing Region Styria

1.3.6 Wine-growing Region Vienna

1.4  Description of Grape Varieties

1.5  Climate and Climate Change

1.6  Wine Year and Vintage

1.7  Wine Earnings & Inventory

1.8 Quality Wine

1.9  Grape and Wine Prices

1.10  Average Prices - Bulk Wine

1.11 Institutional Structure

1.12 The Austrian Market

1.12.1 Domestic Consumption Wine

1.12.2 Domestic Consumption

1.12.3 Food Retail Market (LEH)

1.13 Table of Figures

1.14 List of Tables

1.15 Bibliography


Documentation Austrian Wine November 2011 Edition

Documentation Part 2

1  Austria´s foreign Trade in Wine

1.1  Import- and Exports Volume

1.2  Imports and Exports by Country

1.3 Imports by Product Group 2010

1.4 Exports by Product Group 2010

1.5 Imports and Exports by Product Group 1st Half 2011

1.6 Ranking of Major Export Destinations

1.7 Exports by Product Groups and Major Markets

1.8 Total Export Austrian Wine 1985-2010

1.9 Table of Figures

1.10 List of Tables

1.11 List of References

Marketing of Austrian Wine (DAC)

Documentation Part 3