Surprise. Seduce. Exite.

More than two thousand years of wine growing and the firm commitment to quality, along with a world-renowned wide range of food-pairing possibilities, make Austrian wine the perfect glass pour.

A picture shows wine glasses
© AWMB / Hollinger

Led by the vast myriad of Grüner Veltliners, Austria offers a dazzling spectrum of enticing wines that are increasingly present on by-the-glass menus of wine bars and restaurants, both casual and more formal. Read on! Discover cool wines, to make your selection stand out from the same old run-of-the-mill mainstream. Turn your customers on to wines steeped in history but elevated to a whole new level.


Austria offers ideal environments for growing some of the world’s most expressive grape varieties like Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. But what really puts the place on the map is our unique variety of memorable domestic grapes, led by the Grüner Veltliner.


Across-the-board freshness, beautifully balanced with the complete physiologic ripeness of the grapes, is a consistent characteristic of Austrian wines. Nowhere else will you find densely packed wines that are so light on their feet, or freshly-styled bottlings that show such great concentration.


Grüner Veltliner may well be the most versatile wine in the world. And beyond this national treasure there are many other unique and intriguing varieties waiting to be discovered. Austria’s sixteen classic wine regions offer unmatched pairing-potential.

Top Value

Artisanal offerings from small estates will never be priced at the level of mass-produced wines. However, you will rarely find such value in finely crafted wines, where our quality matches the world’s finest and most costly.

With flagship producer Riedel leading the way, fine wine glasses from Austria have won their way into the worlds best restaurants and wine bars. Zalto’s hand-made mouth-blown ‘Denk Art’ series is another highlight of Austrian design. Additionally, a number of lower-priced alternatives like the extremely functional and robust series ‘Österreich’ complement the high-end favourites.