Austria´s Sweet Gold

Sweet wines can be enjoyed on their own instead of dessert, or to enhance the pleasure of dessert or special cheeses in carefully selected and creative pairings. Not limited to just the white varieties, Austria offers pairing possibilities of sweet wines made from red grapes as well.

Noble Sweet

A picture shows wine glasses
© AWMB / Hollinger

Late harvest wines range from off-dry Spätlese and Auslese to sweet Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese. Around the Neusiedlersee there is enough humidity to consistently develop the essential Botrytis mold that penetrates the grape’s skin, causes the water to evaporate and concentrates aroma and sugar into the juice until the berries look like raisins. Ausbruch is the traditional noble-rot wine from the town of Rust. Other fine botrytis-influenced wines come from the Danube regions.


Austria also produces Eiswein—Ice Wine—but only the natural way. Grapes must be harvested while naturally frozen at a minimum harvest temperature of -7°C. These wines typically show a bouquet of exotic tropical fruit.


Opulent sweet wines produced by drying the grapes on mats of straw (Strohwein) or reeds (Schilfwein) are a fascinating regional specialty of Burgenland.