Austria´s Sekt

The unique Austrian cool-climate wine character also translates into particularly elegant and refreshing sparkling wines.

A picture shows sparkling wine
© AWMB / Hollinger

Our sparkling wine tradition dates back to the year 1842, when cellar-master Robert Schlumberger from the oldest Champagne house Ruinart fell in love with a lady from Vienna, moved to Austria and made the first Austrian sparkler by the Champagne method in 1843.

Austria’s best-known Sekt houses are situated in or around Vienna. Nowadays, several wine estates produce top-ranked Sekt using the traditional method of bottle-fermentation, from varieties like Welschriesling, Grüner Veltliner, and members of the Pinot family.

Rosé Sekt—sparkling rosé—has become increasingly popular in Austria. One special version is the vibrant and aromatic Schilcher, made from Western Styria’s own grape the Blauer Wildbacher, with its intensely fragrant bouquet of black currants.