5. The People

Austrian wine people are fun. We love good food, good wine - to have a party. In short, we know how to have a good time.So of course we’re demanding when it comes to quality.

A picture shows young people enjoy Austrian wine

In Austria, there are very few big wineries. In fact, this is a country of mainly small-scale family wineries – more than 9000 of them – and in many, it has long been common for grandparents, parents and children to work together under the same roof. This has helped to ensure that much skill and passion for winemaking is passed down from generation to generation. Moreover, it has underscored the important roles not only of family, but also of women, in Austrian winemaking.

Today’s young winemakers have been taking their home-grown experience even further, by combining what they have learned at home with even more knowledge gained from working for a period of time at wineries abroad.